JDSU SWS15101Tunable Laser

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JDSU SWS15101 Tunable Laser Source

Wave Length 1457nm-1600nm 

The JDSU SWS15101 Tunable Laser Source can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a component of the JDS Uniphase Swept Wavelength System (SWS). The cavity in the SWS15101 tunable laser source is self-aligned, a key feature for long-term stability. Extremely smooth scans over 100 nm are obtained in two seconds, with 1 pm resolution, for truly continuous tunability. Digitally controlled analog fine-tuning extends resolution beyond the 1 pm steps into the MHz domain. Operating range of 65 nm is free of any mode hop, ensuring a smooth and accurate wavelength sweep for reliable testing of narrowband components. Output power of more than 0 dBm over 65 nm and -3 dBm is guaranteed over the entire spectral range. Self-aligned optical layout, single-moving-part design, and an all-invar construction ensure long term stability. Keyboard and display are optimized for natural, unambiguous laboratory operation. All parameters can either be keyed in or adjusted using the multi-speed rotary control. Analog and digital modulation of the optical power from DC to 1 GHz provides multiple modulation possibilities. The cavity is designed to allow mode-locked operation of approximately 5 GHz. The 100 kHz line width can be degraded to 100 MHz when high coherence is a problem. Computer interfaces and analog inputs and outputs allow complete remote operation and ease of system integration. Specifications. Mode hop-free range (P = 3 dBm) in C-band: 1520 to 1570 nm (C-Band). Absolute wavelength accuracy: ±0.2 nm. Tuning accuracy (on the mode hop-free range): ±0.02 nm. Tuning repeatability (on the mode hop-free range): ±0.005 nm. Wavelength setting resolution: 0.001 nm. Optical frequency fine tuning range: ±2 GHz. Power stability: ±0.01 dB, peak-to-peak in 1 hour. Wavelength stability (at constant temperature): 0.001 nm. Typical linewidth (FWHM) (on the mode hop-free range): 100 kHz. Linewidth with coherence control: >100 MHz. Side frequency suppression ratio: >35 dB.

This unit is in good working condition and comes with a 30 day warranty.  We also offer a 14 day ROR.  We have been in business for over 15 years, our main focus is customer satisfaction through excellent service and providing high quality test equipment.  Please let us know if you have any questions or other test equipment needs.


We offer fast domestic and international Shipping.  Shipping using the customer’s fedex, ups, or dhl account is available upon request.  Overseas customers please consider freight / customs charges before bidding.  Lead time for most units is usually between 1-3 business days.


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